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Update on CU-Boulder death threats by Intelligent Design proponent

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Wired: Suspect Missing in Evolution Death-Threat Case

[...] Staff at the biology department have been issued a picture of Michael Korn, a messianic Jew, who has said he is the "messenger of God" and runs a website called JesusOverIsrael.

[...] Korn was seen distributing flyers suggesting the instructors were "child molesters" for teaching evolution to students.

In the last year, a series of threatening letters and e-mails -- the most recent referring to "killing the enemies of Christian society" -- were sent to several professors at the biology department in Boulder. (Read more on the developing story in the Wired Science blog.)

[...] Korn appears to have skipped town. Police visited Korn's apartment, but found that he and his wife were gone. The apartment had been sublet and his wife had quit her job, said Mitton, who added he has met and spoken to Korn on several occasions.

Contacted earlier this week, Korn declined to address specific questions from Wired News, but he forwarded e-mail messages he had previously sent to the Denver Post, which published a story on July 10 about the case.

His e-mail message didn't admit to sending the recent threatening letters, but tried to explain their meaning.

"The skull and crossbones on the envelopes given to the EBIO (evolutionary biology) professors symbolize the human fossils about whose age they constantly lie to the public," Korn wrote.
More here: Michael Korn, Alleged Writer of Threatening Letters in Colorado, Speaks

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