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More reaction to Rajan Zed's Senate invocation

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]wyldraven)

This time it's from Family Research Council President Tony Perkins. (Link is article on the FRC site.)

And it does stink. Excerpt:

[...] There is no question that under the first amendment Zed enjoys freedom in this country that Christians do not enjoy in his home country. But does that mean it is appropriate for him to open the nation's highest elected body in prayer? I think not. [...]

No one can legitimately challenge the fact that the God America refers to in the pledge, our national motto, and other places is the monotheistic God of the Jewish and Christian faith. There is no historic connection between America and the polytheistic creed of the Hindu faith. I seriously doubt that Americans want to change the motto, "In God we Trust, which Congress adopted in 1955, to, "In gods we Trust." That is essentially what the United States Senate did today. [...]
Lauren Smith of AU responds here.
[...] The Religious Right’s attitude towards religious diversity in public life is deeply troubling. Its leaders’ reaction to yesterday’s prayer makes clear that they are only concerned about their faith getting more attention in the public square.

Perkins’ comments are especially troubling because they suggest the Religious Right is becoming more theocratic than ever. [...]

This week’s flap over the Hindu-led prayer in the Senate is another example of why government meetings should not open with prayers. If they are going to, however, they must be nonsectarian and should reflect the diversity of the American people.

Remember, Tony, “the nation’s highest elected body” belongs to all of us.

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