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May 2008
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Hating the military?

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]sheta_kaey)

This post started out as an intro and turned into a discussion on leftist views of the military.

The main things we'd like to hear about you are:
Who you are - your LJ handle (and if you are so inclined, your real name).

[info]sheta_kaey, you can call me Sheta (rhymes with cheetah).

What you do - work, student, whatever. (Again, only be specific if you really want to).

I'm an editor for Megalithica Books (an imprint of Immanion Press) and managing editor of the occult webzine Rending the Veil.

Your beliefs - religion, political and whatever else matters to you.

Liberal Democrat who doesn't venture much into extreme leftist thought (e.g. I don't hate everyone in the military by default, etc), practicing Thelemite. I was raised moderate Christian but never embraced the faith, though it wasn't for lack of soul-searching and reaching for meaning in my life. It just never clicked with me at all.

How you came here - what drew you to join DC and how long you've been around.

As I recall, I followed a link someone posted and liked it. Possibly it was [info]nebris a year or two ago, and from my old [info]meridjet account.

What can you do - what active efforts you are doing or are willing to do to oppose Dominionism.

This is harder, of course. I do my best to walk my talk, and I live in Houston, TX so it's something of a challenge just getting through the average day on that level. I try to gently enlighten people with misconceptions but I refuse to be drawn into heated political debate because honestly, it just pisses me off after a point and I don't need the additional stress or raise in blood pressure. :P Online, I suppose the magazine linked above is my most visible contribution. We printed [info]sunfell's essay on "Why Fight Theocracy?" originally posted here, last issue (not the current issue).

Anything else you'd care to add - your age, sexuality, your family status, whatever matters to you that you want to share with us.

46 years old, mildly bi-curious hetero, very gay-friendly; I defend the rights of my fellow humans most stridently when there is a gay issue involved, I think. I'm in a non-conventional relationship that some think is nuts (see my profile if you're curious, I won't lengthen this post explaining). I live with my 18 year old daughter and a 25 year old roommate in a very understanding household. :)

Thanks for reading.

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