Dark Christianity
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May 2008
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LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]horvendile)

We were asked to introduce ourselves so here I go.

I’m [info]horvendile. I teach college math. I'm a devout atheist. My big passion is music. I am the musician's contact aka head schmoozer for The Budgiedome. I'm a huge baseball fan, I root for the Mets. I love basketball too but my team is the Knicks and they don't really play basketball. I'll be 50 next month. If I post it is usually either simply linking to some study, often relating to beliefs about science or something I think is funny. A silly post can be as worthwhile as a deep analysis. One of the points that I often make here is that the Dominionists are far from having dominion in the country and in there minds lose all the big battles.

I am afraid that some people recently thought I was too harsh on religion. While I do think that religion does more harm than good I have nothing against religious people, many of the people I'm closest to are religious, one will soon be training to be a rabbi and another is in school to be a cantor. Is that like saying "some of my best friends are Jewish?"

I sort of feel about religion the way I feel about reality TV shows. It is a blight but nobody has the right to dictate how other people think about it. I'll religiously fight for the right of people to worship or not worship as they please.

Oh yes, my claim to fame was that I was on Jeopardy and won three times.

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