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Slightly OT but does have religious ties to the theme.....

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]navytron89)

The Free Speech.Net has contacted my via e-mail to endorse to our local politicos more radio stations and channels for the local area and  I'm of two thoughts on this:

First off being down the street from Regent University and Pat Robertson. Why would I want to hear more of his propaganda on the local radios if I do endorse this program ?  I could see him pumping the local stations with money for his programing and then making them into Christian Channel.

But on the other hand NPR and other independent radio over Clearwater Channels (which has ties to fundie media) is a blessing and it would be nice to have more choices to listen to locally here in Tidewater area.  

So I'm torn and feel a few comments for and against from others might help me decide as well as let others know about this choice which is going on nationally and see if there are other things going on under the radar of normalcy.

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