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May 2008
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Campus Christian Crusade for Christ

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]raven_oreilly) Hi all, first time posting an official thing in here... I, like many others I'm sure, came here through the Strikethrough back in May. Anyways, this post is prompted by [info]inkedgeekfreak's latest entry in here. One of the tags was "christian crusade" and it finally movtivated me to post... 

This is the group my parents wanted me to join when I started college Alvernia (Franciscan private school - didn't have the group on campus. Mom was very angry, said I was going to "fall from God" because I was attending a Catholic college) and then when I transferred to Drexel University, they wanted me to join it because Drexel had CCfC. I had no intenetions of joining and made it very clear.

However, my brother had joined it by then, which was extra incentive to my parents to get me to join also. He's become very involved with the group, moved into their "Crusade House" which is a townhouse the group leases just off campus (not entirely sure if it's owned by the college or not). 

How concerned should I be? 

I always found it strange that my brother went from relatively open minded about things during high school to what seems like total surrender to God via this group, once he started college. I've always been glad that he's found something that he feels suits him and that he respects the fact that I don't want any part of it. But since my reading of the various posts here and my slow peeling of the layers of Evangelical Presbyterianism that I was brought up to be since the age of 16, I'm now concerned about my brother with this group coming up amongst discussions here on this community. 

I think I should also mention that his internship involved working for the Republican party to start up "Young Republican" clubs at colleges across PA. He is very much involved with CCfC, the Republican party and politics in general. He was a ward leader for a bit here in Philadelphia and worked on campaigns for ex-Senator Rick Santorum (was a charter member of some club for him or something) and ex-Representative Kurt Wheldon. He's a political science major with an interest in law, particularly concerning the constitution and writes for the Op Ed section of our college's newspaper, The Triangle. He is very pro-ID, anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage (where a red flag went off for me on this topic was his desire to "promote virtue" politically, though he emphasized that if any change should be made to the constitution, it should be done legally through a vote, etc).

I'm worried he's one of those kids that will appeal to dominionist groups - see him as a key to help their agenda. He has always struck me as very book smart and overly kind in a sense that he doesn't always think badly of others, so I worry he might not realize the difference between Christian conservatism and dominionism.

Note: I'm not saying being Christian or Republican are bad things. I'm just concerned because certain things I've been reading around and my own political opinions are raising red flags for me and I just want to know if I'm entirely off (which I hope I am) or if my brother is being exposed and possibly sucked in by dominionist groups - or at worst, is already part of it all. Moreover, I want to be able to ensure that this doesn't happen to my other two younger brothers.

Any help or advice on how to investigate this without sending any red flags up with him or my parents is much appreciated.

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