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May 2008
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Random Deep Thougths about Fundies and Dominionists

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]navytron89)

Before this whole kerfuffle with WFI and LJ backlash, I've pretty much took LJ for granted.  
I was having some deep thoughts about the whole Dominionist/Fundie movement in general while working out at the gym
 (Good bloodflow to the brain and all that).

I've made the following observations/thoughts (Not neccessarily in any proper order) : 

1.  Most of the Fundies and Dominionist movements are motivated by controlling money in some way.

2.  The Fundie/Dom have alot of ties to old world money most of the time or have some ties to major finanical companies.

3.  Greed is one of the Seven Deadly Sins. (Most of the Fundies/Domies have violated sin this time and again)

4.  Jesus attacked/hated the moneylenders who set up shop inside of the temple; he also cursed them for being the biggest cause of corruption of the church/temple.

5.  Jesus praised the tax collector who did his job even though he was curse by not only the clergy and the moneylenders, but by the people who did not know how hard of a job it was to be one.

6.  If money is the power that controls the Fundies/Dom community as in the past then they are directly in opposion to Jesus'  teachings as they not only covet money but use every means to aquire  and control it. 

7.  Therefore Fundie/Domie are anti-Christian in their behavior as they are in violation of  Christian Gospels.

8.  If the Fundies/Dom are in fact anti-Christian;  do they actual represent and work for evil/Satan/the Anti-Christ by their behavior/actions?

9.  If there is an ultimate evil?  Why not corrupt the Christian clergy and twist the weakest of them into a force in that will serve evil and make them seem to serve the forces of Good. 

10.  Why is it the most humble of clergy  seem to become the biggest assholes as they rise to the top of their Religious movement? 

11.  How is it that  a Fundie/Domie who read the Bible with a fanatical devotion like  Harry Potter fans, can't seem to bother with reading about  anything that is more current that 2,00 years ago, other than the crap spewed by other Fundies/Domies? (Jack Chick tracks anyone?)
12.   Do the Fundies/Domies actual realise they hurt themselves by their behavior as well as the community as a whole?

13.   Would they ever be able to become a more moderate human being, if they actual met with and talked to another faith without forcing their religious views upon others and instead just listened with an open mind and heart ?

14. Is the Fundie/Dom community as a whole complete unsalvagable?

15.  Will Fundie/Dom basically be a societial cancer til they either self-distruct or commit acts of violence which society will be forced to outlaw or condemn their brand of "Christianity"?

16.  Should this brand of "Christianity" be oultawed and due to its association/ties with other hate groups and be listed as a criminal organization?  

17. Would the above 16. cause a civil war if they did outlaw Fundimentalism/Dominionism due to the fact that they promote hatred of others?

Discuss???? and remember please be nice to each other here........

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