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May 2008
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"Fundie Hijinx": This is NOT the place


While I know that some folks have lots of fun poking at trolls on other communities, this isn't the place to do so. All it does is bring them here. That last post went a little too far, and I had to delete it. I do not want this place to turn into an arena of pissing matches between trolls and taunters of trolls. [info]nebris, you're on notice. Don't do it again. Please brag about your exploits on your own journal, and not here. And don't drag this community into your pissing matches outside of it.

And what I have said to [info]nebris I also echo to all here: We will not tolerate this kind of stuff.

Let's get back on topic. I declare a moratorium on all discussion of WFI, its blogs and its members, unless they actually are infesting computers with malware. Any future posts about this group will be deleted.

Thanks, all. Let's resume our normal discourse, shall we?

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