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Update on the tagging project

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]einatlanta)

Hi regular readers and new! This is an update on the ongoing tagging project here I started a month ago. Since then we've had a couple of polls on how people want to find things; you can read the questions and see the results for the first one here, and for the second one here.

As a result of these polls, the media tag was abolished and entires sorted by format of media (books, movies, news, video, radio, podcast). Establishment clause was supplanted by church-state issues as a search term. Terri Schiavo gained her own tag and was taken out of women's health and congress, but kept in with politics. Marantha, Every Nation, and Campus Crusade are all cross-referenced.

Next up: pulling Christian Marketing out of the Culture Wars category. My question for y'all this week is just - Have I missed anything? I know we're still tagging up the backlog - I'm just now starting July of 2005 - but have I missed any good tags that would be useful? Are there redundancies that have been overlooked in our tag list? Feel free to click around on the 'explore community tags" link there on the side and let me know what you think.