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How to clean your computer from WFI malware

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]einatlanta)

Go here or here to get quick instuctions for cleaning malware spread by WFI. You'll know if you need a clean when you experience a signifigant lag in internet page load time.

I know the excellent [info]belleweather and [info]lihan161051 have covered this topic a bit in posts earlier today, but I thought a quick'n'dirty PSA might help some of the less tech-savvy among us (me included). We know thanks to [info]lihan161051 that the malware jumped to LJ servers at some point, so even if you didn't visit WFI, it's possible you're infected.

Thanks to the excellent [info]catrinella for the links - and for all her hard work on the fannish side of this battle.

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