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Tagging Poll two - the disambiguation!

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]einatlanta)

Hello all! This week I'm still tagging away, and I'm only about two years behind the current entries now. Last week we had a great poll where over 150 readers let me know how they would like to find things. Most of the questions had strong results, but unsurprisingly the last question - about categorizing the Marantha, Every Nation, and Campus Crusade folks - was a close one, with the most popular choice getting only 42.9% of the vote. The reason the answer to this question was a close run was because it was really a question about disambiguation, or how to agree on the specific meaning and use of related terms.

I expect this week's poll to also produce close-run results, because it is all about disambiguating some terms. I know some of the questions below may seem picky, but they are important - knowing how the community answers these questions will help me catalog things correctly, and ultimately that can help us all find the information we need. I will implement the results of that last poll into the tagging process as soon as y'all can help me with these interesting little questions...

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As always, you can help with the tagging process! Just tag up your entries as you post them - the best way to do so is to hit the "edit tags" button after your entry has been posted, and choose tag terms from the drop-down list provided. To pick multiple terms, just hold down the control key while you click. Thanks Again!