Dark Christianity
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dogemperor [userpic]
Wow, this looks scientific

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]navytron89) Found this on [info]atheism  and decided others needed to see it.

In case it's a bit difficult to read, this is what it says:

Sorry... you're just like the rest of us. The dictionary says "good" is to be "morally excellent". Let's check the standard, the Ten Commandments, to see how far we fall short: Is God first in your life? Do you love Him with "heart, mind, soul and strength?" Have you made a god to suit yourself? Have you used His name in vain? Have you kept the Sabbath day holy? Have you always honoured your parents? Have you hated anyone, and therefore committed murder in your heart? Have you looked with lust and therefore committed adultery in your heart? Have you lied (including "fibs"), stolen (the value is irrelevant, includes downloading movies and burning CDs), or coveted other people's possessions? If you are honest, you know you will be guilty on the Day of Judgement. God, however, doesn't want you to be sent to Hell. Jesus Christ suffered and died on the Cross, so you could go free. That's how much God loves you. We broke God's Law, but Jesus paid our fine. Then He rose from the grave and defeated death. If you repent (be sorry to God that you've violated His Law, and turn away from your sin) and trust in Jesus, God will forgive your sins and grant you everlasting life. Read your Bible daily (start with the chapter called John).
www.needgod.com    tract reproduced by wayofthemaster.com.au

Awesome, a litmus test of morals that everyone fails. I'm sure thousands of people converted just because they desperately want that little square to turn green.

From Navytron89: I went to the website and found it was a Dominionist/Evangelistic/Fundies site with a ton of propaganda links, including Evangelical Boot Camps in Australia/NZ. 

Damn, I thought Australia and NZ were free from those wackos. I guess when I visit, I'll have to bring my Clue-by-Four and Boot-to-the-Head shoes to protect myself from those jerks.

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