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May 2008
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"Theologically Sound" but opposed by Southern Baptists


[info]bradhicks takes up an intersting subthread in the Baptist Church- opposition to the 'emerging church' and the imposition of unsound doctorine upon the various congregations.

"Theologically Sound", but Opposed by Southern Baptists is a must-read, in depth article that explores how a Christian sect can find themselves beached by unsound theology.

...I proved (to my satisfaction, at least) that using the term "Faustian bargain" to describe the relationship between Christian fundamentalism and the Republican Party is painfully literal, that starting in 1964 the leaders of the top fundamentalist seminaries began the process of replacing Christian doctrines with explicitly Satanic ones out of self defense, in order to more closely ally themselves and their followers with the anti-Communist caucus of the Republican Party. I demonstrated that the gospel of social reaction and corporate greed that was taught in those seminaries, and that is now enforced by church leaders who graduated from those seminaries (or laymen whose pastors did) is a false gospel that, if the actual Christian Bible is to be believed, is sending them and their deceived followers straight to Hell.

Got your attention? If that didn't, this certainly will:

Some of you may have doubted me. In particular, you may have doubted that the leaders who made these decisions knew that the gospel they were preaching, and that they have spent decades evicting from their denominations any preacher that wouldn't conform to, is anti-Christian. If you still doubt this, then take a good look at Post-Dispatch religion reporter Tim Townsend's April 2nd interview with the chairman of the Missouri Baptist Convention, Roger Moran, "Missouri's Most Powerful Baptist Takes On the 'Emerging Church.'" In particular, observe the final paragraphs, where Moran admits that he is fighting hard against a group of local Christian evangelists who are "theologically conservative," that is to say fellow Biblical literalists (more so than him, it turns out), successful in reaching people for Christ and bringing people back to the church who've left it. Even Moran admits that what they preach, and practice, "may be theologically sound" and that "they have a passion for reaching people for Christ ... and I think they do." And that's what he opposes. [emphasis Brad's] He opposes them because what they're teaching is God's actual word, not his personal gospel.

Go read the post and the links. If you are a Baptist, and still believe in the Priesthood of the Believer, this will show you how preachers like Moran are undermining it, and your sect.