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May 2008
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A WTF Moment: now they have gone to far.... and an Update

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]navytron89) So I was reading [info]bartsnotes and see how the fundies are trying to influence children now with an Jesus Christ Action Figure Line.

New Company Announces Jesus Figurine Range


Figures.com (“All the toy and action figure news all the time”) carries an interview with Eric Dyson, founder of Fishermen Inc:


Fishermen, Inc. is hoping to harness people's recognition of this holy and historic icon when it introduces a new series of figurines based on various interpretations of Jesus.


Dyson explains:


The message behind all of our “I Am” figurines is that whatever your path in life, Jesus can be an inspiration for you. The figurines are for anyone who can appreciate these modern-day interpretations of Jesus in (their) lives today…The figurines are not to be worshiped or used for worship. Like a cross hanging from your neck or a “WWJD” bracelet on your wrist, these collectibles are personal reminders of your own beliefs or inspirations…We selected these initial 11 modern-day realities in trying to represent a wide cross-section of lifestyles…There is nothing disrespectful or irreverent about what we have done.


A Businesswire press release adds:


The “I Am Freedom” figure showcases a jean-clad Jesus aboard a Chopper, complete with long raked handlebars, his long robe flying out from behind him. The “I Am Victory” model has Jesus mid-bicycle kick in a soccer uniform, his cleats pointing skyward. In a more thoughtful vein, “I Am Peace” shows Jesus in camouflage military fatigues, holding a dove in his outstretched hand, while “I Am Hope” simply portrays Jesus in shabby clothing, holding a sign with the all-too omnipresent, “Will Work 4 Food.”


...Rounding out the set are “I Am Strength,” with Jesus aboard a bucking bull, cowboy hat in hand; “I Am Faith,” featuring Jesus scrambling with a football; “I Am Spirit” has Him shooting a curl while surfing; “I Am Youth” has a skateboarding Jesus riding a rail; and lastly “I Am Life” shows a rock-climbing Jesus hanging from a cliff.


Apparently, requests are coming in for a rock-star figurine…


We blogged on the 2004 "Herobuilders" Jesus action figure here.


Personally I find this offensive as this is just another attempt for the Religious Reich and their lackies to warp culture to their own twisted views. The sicker thing is they plan to mass market them to little poor children as personal motivation to make them "better" Christians.

The plan to mass marketing this pieces of crap for $25-35 in Christian Bookstores nationwide and will release them to the general public around Christmas time for the fundies children and their friends children.  Also there are  plans on showing them on the 700 Club in the next few weeks, so Pat Robertson's flock of retards will buy them up to make more of them. There is also talk in the toy biz about how these may become a investable item, which sicken me. They can't leave pop culture alone now Theocrats have to violate it. 

Is  it me or is anyone else offended by Jesus Christ : The Solder of Peace ?

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