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May 2008
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Jesus Camp

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]wineandwenches)

I had the opportunity to watch Jesus Camp last night, and what I saw literally shook me to the core. I caution those of you who were raised in the evangelical movement, this movie could bring back some serious bad memories.

The thing that scared me the most, though, was how open the "ministers" were to indoctrinating the children, and how utterly brainwashed the kids were. At the end, there was footage taken of several of the Jesus Camp children protesting abortion in DC. I am sorry, but do kids under 12 need to know what abortion even is?

They compared themselves to the militant Islamist groups who train young children to be suicide bombers. The movie focused on 2 children at this camp, and both went on and on about how they would gladly die for Christ. This whole concept disgusted me, and brought me to tears to think a child would even think this way.

I reccomend seeing this movie, if for no other reason, this is going to be a serious voting block in 15 years. I pray that maybe these kids will be exposed to the evil world and somehow find the ability to think for themselves.

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