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May 2008
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The Real Reason ...

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]berkeleyfarm)

D_C readers may recall the flap that hit the news when Sea-Tac airport (run by the Port of Seattle) decided to ditch the usual Christmas tree decorations and put up a menorah instead in fulfillment of a rabbi's request for a little "equal opportunity".

All the usual "ZOMG IT'S A WAR ON CHRISTMAS!1!" suspects were out in force. The Port quickly reversed itself and the Christmas trees came back to keep the new menorah company.

I visited a friend of mine in Seattle last weekend and she asked if I had heard the story. "Sure, it was all over the news." She then proceeded to tell me that a long-term friend of hers works at Seatac and that the real reason they were so eager to ditch the Christmas trees was not some animosity towards Christians or Christmas (yeah, we know the trees are really pagan ;)), but because they were ugly and tacky and not well liked by the staff. "I bet you didn't hear *that* on the news." Of course we wouldn't, because that doesn't fit with certain very loud screamers' political agendas.

But I thought y'all might want to know. In case anyone starts fuming about it in your direction, you have The Truth.

As an extra, the fabulous [info]dtaylor pointed me towards Fundies Say The Darndest Things!. Pure comedy gold, and a good place to report Silly Fundie Tricks that aren't specifically dominionist ;).