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dogemperor [userpic]
Why I get the newsmax emails

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]cheap_laugh)

So I can keep tabs:

I received this appeal from wingnut Allen Keys to donate to RANDALL TERRY

TODAY, I will board a plane and fly into the epicenter of one of the most critical and hotly contested campaigns in the nation.

And I'm asking you to join me.

AND... I want to tell you about a new technology being used in this race, that could GUARANTEE victory -- IF you help out!

What technology? the Sftj page doesn't say

I'm talking about the race between nationally known conservative leader Randall Terry, and the ultra left-wing State Senator Jim King.

Both are Republicans -- Randall Terry in heart and soul, Jim King in name only.

Before I say one more word in this urgent letter, I beg you to make a critical gift RIGHT NOW of at least $15 or more to help my good friend Randall Terry crush his liberal opponent in a vital political campaign in Florida</blockquote>

Terry is running against another Republican.

The donation letter has the scary sounding bold faced all caps:


It is actualy a panic driven email. If enough wish, I will post it so some good political practical jokes may be played....