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Interesting post and comments

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]starcat_jewel)

An Orthodox Jew takes on the "moral objections" pharmacists.

Of special note down in the comments:

(1) several links to articles with similar sentiments, including one that really pounds on the "do your job OR take the consequences, you don't get to use your religion as a Get Out Of Work Free card" angle; and

(2) a "Christians are oh so persecuted" type who starts by completely missing the opening where the author SAYS he's an Orthodox Jew and launches a personal attack, thereby making himself look a total fool. (And yes, it's a guy -- I looked at his userinfo. Small wonder he's so cool with religious discrimination against mere women.)

Also, I offer for general use my two favorite rebuttals to these people:

1) So you're saying that it's okay for an ER nurse who's a Jehovah's Witness to refuse to initiate a blood transfusion on a critically exsanguinating patient? And that he should be allowed to REMAIN on ER duty because of his religion?

2) What about a chemical engineer who takes a position with DuPont, and then refuses to run standard checks on certain processes because "these chemicals are used in war materiel, and I'm morally opposed to war because it kills innocent civilians"? Should she be fired or not? What if she didn't tell the company about her "moral objections" when they hired her? Does that make a difference?

(Note: I choose my pronouns VERY deliberately here. I also observe a pattern -- that when the "moral objector" is female, far fewer of the Christianists are willing to defend her decision.)

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