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May 2008
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Prairie Muffin Manifesto

What is a Prairie Muffin? I borrowed the term from R.C. Sproul, Jr. who jokingly and lovingly called his wife a Prairie Muffin (note: R.C. Sproul, Jr. has nothing to do with the writing of this manifesto). This was in response to those who make snide and derogatory remarks about those of us who choose a quiet life, diligently pursuing our biblical role as women and protecting the innocence of our children. Some women have been caricatured as denim jumper-wearing, Little House on the Prairie-worshiping, baby machines who never trim their hair or wear makeup. Like the Americans who bore the name Yankee Doodle as a badge of honor rather than be cowed by the enemy who used it in a derogatory way, the name Prairie Muffin is meant to convey the message that we are sticking to our convictions despite the silly labels people try to stick on us.

Read the Prairie Muffin Manifesto here:


I saw this on [info]slactivist, where you can also read his comments and comments from others who read the post in his blog.


In reading this, I wondered if, by posting their manifesto, these women perhaps felt that they had some control over their lives by proclaiming that they have 'chosen' to submit (biblically speaking) to their husbands.

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