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Why I Read International News Sites

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stories like this:
"Jesus! It's a Comedy"

AMMAN - Italian commercial television network Mediaset is in Jordan shooting a two-part romantic comedy on the life of Jesus, the Royal Film Commission said on Monday.

“The Holy Family”, starring newcomer Brando Pacitto as Jesus, Alessandro Gassman as Joseph and Ana Caterina Morariu as Mary, is being directed by Italy’s Raffaele Mertes, who has made several religious productions.

The two-part TV film “seeks to narrate the human side and the inter-relationships between Joseph, Mary and Jesus, starting with the rough, gruff but good-hearted 40-year-old carpenter who falls in love with a girl many years his junior,” Jordan’s Royal Film Commission said.

“The work is a romantic comedy centered on the great love story between Mary and Joseph,” it added.

Where IS the Religious Right on this one?
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