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May 2008
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Shakeup at faith-based and community initiatives

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]wyldraven)

Director of faith-based initiatives leaving White House

Tom Delay will not head the Office of Management and Budget.

Excerpt: President Bush has tapped Rob Portman, a former Ohio congressman serving as U.S. trade representative, to become White House budget director at a time when the president is re-examining the structure of his entire staff.

The White House also is losing Jim Towey, who has served for four years as director of faith-based and community initiatives in a White House intent on steering federal money to social services delivered by church-related charities. With his departure to become president of a small Catholic college, Towey becomes the first senior assistant to the president to leave since Bush's new chief of staff came to work this week with a promise of changes in the administration_though Towey's move is unrelated.

"I would be shook up if I were part of a shakeup, but the reality is, this has been in the works for months," Towey said. "My career goal remains to get to Heaven."

Methinks the gentleman doth protest too much.

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