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Catholic Charities Ends All Adoptions -- To Avoid Adopting to Gays

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Beautiful hypocrisy:

In a stunning turn of events, Archbishop Sean P. O'Malley and leaders of Catholic Charities of Boston announced yesterday that the agency will end its adoption work, deciding to abandon its founding mission, rather than comply with state law requiring that gays be allowed to adopt children.

The Rev. J. Bryan Hehir, president of Catholic Charities of Boston, and Jeffrey Kaneb, chairman of the board, said that after much reflection and analysis, they could not reconcile church teaching that placement of children in gay homes is ''immoral" with Massachusetts law prohibiting discrimination against gays...

Almost immediately after the announcement, Governor Mitt Romney, who was in Tennessee speaking to a Republican group, issued a statement saying he would file legislation to exempt religious organizations that provide adoption services from the state's antidiscrimination laws.
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That sounds a little rude, and prejudice. You'd think that they would rather have adoptions (http://adoptioncenterofillinois.com/how-adoption-works/) instead of abortions, but I guess they'd rather choose death than to have people of a certain lifestyle. But thats just me. I know they'd prefer adoptions in my town in Illinois, but we just really don't like death where I live.