Dark Christianity
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May 2008
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FotF Knocks It Up a Notch

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]britzkrieg)

Focus on the Family advocates returning women to their "traditional" niche:

[Dorothy Kelley] Patterson said the account of creation illustrates clearly defined roles for men and women. The first responsibility for man in the account, she said, was to tend the garden God had created... But the greatest responsibility given to man was that of spiritual leadership. In the same way, she said, "my husband is to be the leader of my home..."

Women are given a different role than men in society, Patterson said. That role has "nothing to do with gifts or intelligence." She is to be a "helper" to her husband, she said, even though she is created equal to him...

Those who try to change God's plan follow the familiar path of deception displayed by the serpent in Genesis, she said. They assume that their plan is better and they contradict God. Still, the plan for the home remains the same as it was in the Bible, she added.

Dobson said he chose Patterson’s address for the broadcast because she well articulated the same principles he has been advocating his entire career. He said his goal in life has been to combat the "radical feminist distortions" about marriage, the family, and the role of women in society. While the radical feminist movement no longer exists, he said, the ideas it promoted so permeated American society that they have influenced modern Christian culture.
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How long, I wonder, before we see House and Senate resolutions "glorifying" the relegation of women to the home?