Dark Christianity
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May 2008
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dogemperor [userpic]
Tonight's episode of "Trading Spouses"


...captured the dark side of Christianity to a "T." This is not a program that I normally watch, but this episode had me riveted.

The "Prayer Warrior" Prima Donna was taken in by a host family of upscale New Age hippies, and every little thing about them rattled her chain as a possible sign of the Dark Side (her words)! By the end of the week, she had gone into a full-fledged psychotic break. The episode ends with a screaming rant wherein she tears up the $50,000 check and orders the camera crew out of her house - "in Jesus name I pray, amen!" (After she had calmed down, however, she decided to keep the money.)

In the other home, the puzzled hypnotherapist mom (who looks like Cher) hosted a potluck and was confronted by the Prayer Warrior's kindred spirits - a houseful of supercilious bitches demanding to know her religious credentials.

Guess whose kids liked their new stepmom better!



"Chris wants to continue reaching out to Marguerite and takes her to the radio station.... When they get on the air, Chris announces to the audience the guest is a psychic. Marguerite immediately gets defensive and furious. She storms out of the radio booth, while she begins breaking down. 'Find me a church,' she orders the camera crew. Chris is baffled; he doesn’t understand how someone can be so close-minded.... After crying in the bathroom, Chris wants Margaret to talk to the man, but Margaret is afraid to get evil on her. The psychic [who has been wearing a cross since age 12] makes an effort, but it's easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for somebody to get through to Margaret."

This experience has given this lady a better look at her true character than $50,000 worth of psychotherapy could ever have done. I'm afraid it is all for naught, however. If a monkey looks into the mirror, no philosopher will look out!

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