Dark Christianity
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May 2008
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dogemperor [userpic]
A brilliant and chilling example of toxic prayer


Having trouble sleeping at night? Plagued by nightmares, illness, bad luck? Chances are that someone is praying against you. And if you are one of the four remaining moderate Supreme Court Justices, there are people actively praying for your demise.

Think I'm joking? Read on.

Here's my prayer list: Ginsburg – gone! Stevens, Souter, and Kennedy – gone! Installed in their place: God-fearing, Constitution-loving justices flanking Roberts on both right and left! There are four remaining liberal judges on the nation's high court. That equates to four justices who are anti-life (in the name of choice), pro-perversion (in the name of privacy) and anti-American (in the name of progress). May God banish them from the court.

Let's not be deceived. In Alito, we've wrested away the swing-vote, but apart from radical judicial change, the slaughter of unborn millions and the protection of vice and perversion will continue indefinitely. We need a complete reversal in the court's balance of power, not a mere shift from the left.

This person is praying for the downfall of the United States. It is as simple as that. This person wants a theocracy. If they want a theocratic government so badly, maybe they should move to an Islamic country like Saudi Arabia.

Here's the toxic prayer:

God, in Jesus Name, destroy the hold which dark powers have had over much of our nation's leaders. Bring down Your divine gavel upon those judges who have used their position of authority to exalt their will against You and against Your word.

Forgive us Lord, for the sanctioned slaughter of multiplied millions of innocent lives, and for the protection we've afforded perversity and ungodliness. Remove from power, oh Lord, those who hate You and have used their power to abolish Your name from the ears, minds and hearts of our nation's children.

God, give us more justices who fear You and respect Your law. In Jesus' name, Amen.

EDIT: OK, out with the counterprayer. If God has a sense of humor, (and I expect that Sie does) Sie'll give them a divine wedgie and give us a good laugh when Sie decides to do something.