Dark Christianity
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May 2008
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dogemperor [userpic]
Is your faith toxic?


Is your faith toxic? Or are you sliding down a slippery slope that leads to such a belief set? I found a Self Test from a book entitled "Toxic Faith" that might be of use in determining if this is indeed true.

From TOXIC FAITH by Steve Arterburn and Jack Felton

Answer Yes or No to the following questions:

1. Has your family complained that you are always going to a church meeting rather than spending time with them? ________

2. Do you feel extreme guilt for being out of church just one Sunday? ________

3. Do you sense that God is looking at what you do, and if you don't do enough, he might turn on you or refuse to bless you? ________

4. Do you often tell your children what to do without explaining your reasons, since you know you are right? ________

5. Do you find yourself with little time for the pleasures of earlier years because you are so busy serving on committees and attending other church groups? ________

6. Have people complained that you use so much scripture in your conversation that it is hard to communicate with you? ________

7. Are you giving money to a ministry because you believe God will make you wealthy if you give? ________

8. Have you ever been involved sexually with a minister out of wedlock? ________

9. Is it hard for you to make a decision without consulting your pastor? Even over the small issues? ________

10. Do you see your minister as more powerful than other humans? ________

11. Has your faith led you to lead an isolated life, making it hard for you to relate to your family and friends? ________

12. Have you ever found yourself looking to your minister for quick fix to lifelong problem? ________

13. Do you feel extreme guilt over the slightest mistakes or inadequacies? ________

14. Is your most significant relationship deteriorating over your strong beliefs, compared to those of a "weaker partner"? ________

15. Do you ever have thoughts of God wanting you to destroy yourself or others in order to go and live with him? ________

16. Do you regularly believe that God is communication with you in an audible voice? ________

17. Do you feel that God is angry with you? ________

18. Do you believe you are still being punished for something you did as a child? ________

19. Do you feel if you work a little harder, God will forgive you? ________

20. Has anyone ever told you that a minister was manipulating your thoughts and feelings? ________

If you answered yes to at least 3 questions you may be a religious addict.