Dark Christianity
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May 2008
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In South Carolina, a neighborhood group is objecting to the presence of a group home for four mentally disabled men. I'm sure it has a lot to do with fear of declining property values, but the group says they're afraid of "violence" -- and what's more, they object to a state law that describes the men as a "natural family."

A quote from the group's leader: "As a Christian and as a father, I strongly object to that," he said. "That’s an attack on your family and all our families. Change that."

I had no idea one could somehow bring homophobia into one's hatred and fear of the different and the weak, but this man has done it. I wish he understood that we're all one blow to the head or three minutes without oxygen away from needing the kind of living situation those men do.

They have so little. How can anyone with a heart try to take it from them -- and get up on a "My family is the ONLY kind of family" high horse while doing so? Inhuman.

Read the rest of the article at http://www.thestate.com/mld/thestate/news/local/13576221.htm.

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