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May 2008
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The definition of a Cult - by Billy Graham

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]catvincent)

This made me chuckle... found by Religion News Blog

" In general, cults differ from Christian churches, first of all, in what they believe.

Cults always deny some part of what the Bible teaches (which is why some add other so-called "sacred" books to the Bible).

Many deny the deity of Jesus, or believe his work on the cross wasn't sufficient to save us from our sins.

Cults also differ from Christian churches by the way they act. Cults often stress absolute and total obedience to their leader (instead of to Jesus), and threaten anyone who wants to leave the group by claiming they will be lost if they do.

So (ignoring of course all those xtian groups who demand total obedience to a figurehead - let's start with Catholicism and go on...) a cult is basically any religion other than Billys' version of xtianity.
Plus that whole problem of dominoinists being very picky about which bits of the bible they use - persecuting gays because of a line in Leviticus, but not going after eaters of shellfish who are condemned with equal wrath a few verses on.

Not exactly a shock, but notable.

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