Dark Christianity
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May 2008
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New community

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]emilie_burns)

Posting with moderator permission.


It's for people, Christian and non-Christian alike, who have been emotionally and/or spiritually wounded by Dominionist groups, extreme Right radicals, and Pentecostals.

From the userinfo:
Whether you're a Christian or not, chances are high you've been insulted, angered, or wounded by a neo-Conservative follower of Religious Right. There are excellent communities devoted to combating the darkness of the Dominionism, and support for various alternate groups, but nothing which I've seen that is devoted solely to the recovery and healing from the damage these people cause. All posts are automatically friendlocked for your protection, and membership to the community is moderated to prevent trolling.

People who've been fortunate enough to avoid this kind of harm but wish to help others are also welcome.

I also request that new members comment to the one public post to leave a screened comment explaining why they would like to join, how they found the comm, etc., to give me an idea who I'm letting into the comm and why. We already know how aggressive these people can be; this is to help reduce the possibility of people coming under further attack.

For more information about the community, just check out the userinfo.

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