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"Cold in the Night": War on Christmas update

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]jarandhel)

Some of you may remember a post here a while ago talking about intolerance towards Christians in the form of a school rewriting the Christmas Carol "Silent Night" to a secular version "Cold in the Night". But I'm not sure how many of you have caught the follow-up to that story.

As it turns out? It never happened. The whole thing was a dominionist hoax. What actually happened was not a secular rewrite of a christmas carol, but a school performance of an old play entitled "The Little Tree's Christmas Gift", originally written by Dwight Elrich, who happens to lead the New Covenant Singers of Bel Air Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles. The song "Cold in the Night" is sung by the main character of the little tree, who is told it is "too scraggly, it will never sell," in a scene lamenting his situation.

And if you're still not convinced of the level of deception it took to label this rewrite an attack on Christmas or a mockery of Christians, the play closes with the entire audience singing "We Wish You A Merry Christmas."

Happy Holidays, everyone.

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