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dogemperor [userpic]
Stop Fighting Your Allies


This is where the argument is spun on Dominionst bullshit. The best way to prevent abortions is proper sex education and the ready availability of safe birth control. And they have done their best to block that at every turn. They've twisted the law so that anyone who gets Fed money can't even talk about contraception.

They don't want anyone to take pleasure in sex except in the way they dictate. Period. Abortion is ultimately a smoke screen in that it gets folks blood running hot.


~Posted the above comment to a pair of D_K members who were snarling at each other in this post. This IS how they run the whole fucking show. We, their enemies, are still letting them frame the debate. Stop It! Cool off...and then remember what the goal is: the prevention of these people from quite literally talking over The Republic.

~Now go back and read the above, rephrase it in your own words, and then get back into the fight. Nuf Said!