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More dangerous than the Dominionists?

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AlterNet: Neil Bush Meets the Messiah

This "heavenly way," the Rev. Sun Myung Moon explained, demands a 51-mile underwater highway spanning Alaska and Russia. Sitting in the front row: Neil Bush, the brother of the president of the United States Rev. Sun Myung Moon, the South Korean giant of the religious right who owns the Washington Times, is on a 100-city speaking tour to promote his $200 billion "Peace King Tunnel" dream. As he describes it, the tunnel would be both a monument to his magnificence, and a totem to his prophecy of a unified Planet Earth. In this vision, the United Nations would be reinvented as an instrument of God's plan, and democracy and sexual freedom would crumble in the face of this faith-based glory...

Wow!!!! a Hiway linking Russia and Alaska.... seems like a great way to get an Army here.... or there.... nad religious Fascism more evil than the Dominionista's. They just want a Theocracy. Moon wants that and Jerusalem moved to Korea and to be worshipped as God....

I saw the "Coronation" of Moon video, (available via BitTorrent download) and was offended, appalled and downright livid at OUR Congress placing a Crown on this lunatic.

In 1989, U.S. News & World Report linked his group to the Heritage Foundation and other conservative organizations. "Because almost all conservative organizations in Washington ,b>have some ties to [Moon's] church</b>," wrote reporter John Judis, "conservatives ... fear repercussions if they expose the church's role."
As an American, I feel it my Sacred Duty to expose this turd's influence on American politics and Life.

How about you?

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