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May 2008
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Some More Humor - NES Spiritual Warfare

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]ns_kumiho)

Looking around the net, I've found that a site called Encyclopedia-Obscura has done some funny reviews of the old Wisdom Tree Christian NES games... One of which is Dominionist:


Spiritual Warfare - where you take the role of a 'God Warrior' out to convert the world and save souls by blowing them up (although that's more Sunday Funday!)...

A Winner is You!

If you look around on the Web you can easily find Roms and Emulators for these games, they do have some amusement value... =P

Speaking of religious kitch, Belief.net has their Spiritual Gift List for this year out. Not as odd as some of the other years, although the Christian Teen Wallets are kind of good... and the Brainwashed Sign... Heck the whole shop is good... Christian Multi-Tools? =P

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