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Recently Learned news about Dominionist in Action

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]navytron89)

How many people here know former Attorney General John Ashcroft is a member Assembly of God (AoG)?

Appearently he has been going around the country and having breakfast prayer meetings with local law enforcement.

As the grand schemer behind the Patriot Act and the Patriot Act II (which was shot down by Congress due to pressure from  intelligent and well-informed people thankfully).

He is now trying to make the Patriot Act 2.1 come to life and has been getting support from local law enforcement senior officers and government.

This past Thursday he spoke to 1,100 people at the Annual South Hampton Roads Leadship Prayer Breakfast (a gathering of the local forces of governmental corruption and tyranny).

The breakfast was sponsored by the Law Enforcement Officers Fellowship (a hardcore Christian Police brotherhood with a near
all-white membership), and was billed as part of a national movement "to support prayer (dominionism) in government at all levels."

More about Ashcroft is that he teaches locally as a distingusted professor of law and government (Bullshit!)  here in Virginia at Regent University (A pro-Religious Reich campus founded by Pat Robertson) and spends two weeks on campus lecturing (probably expouting the virtues of Christian dominionism and drapped in the America Flag). 

The University has refused the local paper and press a chance to interview him or attend one of  this lectures he gives, they are actual screening people to get into the class Ashcroft speaks (which sounds kinda hinky to me).

He was honored this week by Regent University as part of his working in protecting (controlling) America and its people (sheeple).

I still find it funny that John Ashcroft lost to a deadman (and his wife) as the governor of Missouri.

Mr. Ashcroft was the governor which was he lost and was viewed by most of the people in the state of Missouri as an extremist (dominionist) leader of Christian values and would overuse God in every speech he used.

This actual turned off more people than it did to raise the believability of the quality of leadership and "The Show-Me-State" people basically saw right through him.

While this story was covered by our local press person Steven G.Vegh, I since learned that Mr. Vegh has done alot of so-called positive spin doctoring for and on our local religious scumbag Pat "I'm an Complete Asshole"Robertson.

Mr. Vegh is also a graduate of Regent University and has been working as member of the local paper, mainly covering religious storylines for the paper.

I've noticed a  pattern, that Mr. Vegh is often writing revisionisms of events with a special spin towards Christianity (dominionist) values everytime his words are printed in the paper.  




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