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Latest ADL press release on dominionism

If anyone doubted the ADL is sick of dominionists, they've put that nicely to rest; their featured article on their front page is all about dominionism:

http://www.adl.org/Religious_Freedom/religion_public_square.asp (which is the speech that Ha'aretz was referring to in their news release)

One of the especially interesting things is that the ADL freely admits this is going to be, in their own words, "delicate":

On one hand, there is an extreme element in the community that believes
it is unsafe to confront Christianity. We heard it, read it, saw it in
the Mel Gibson debate. Rabbi Marvin Hier and I were the subjects of a
“fatwa” because we were supposedly undermining the safety and security
of the Jewish people by supposedly criticizing Christians or
Christianity, when in fact we were criticizing Gibson’s portrayal of
Jews in his film, “The Passion of the Christ.” There are also those who
say that because evangelicals are friends of Israel, “don’t fight
them;” “don’t make them angry;” “don’t upset them.”

This is why the ADL is being *very* careful to emphasize they are not criticising Christianity but rather dominionism--to the extent of explaining not only to Ha'aretz, but also in an editorial in rebuttal to a previous editorial by David Klinghoffer (an Orthodox Jew writer who has frequently championed dominionist causes including attempts to make the Smithsonian Institution include sections on "intelligent design" and has even claimed the Holocaust was G_d punishing the Jewish people).

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