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May 2008
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LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]farklebarkle)

Someone got nice and sarcastic in the Journal and Courier (Lafayette, IN) Letters to the Editor section today. Kudos to you, Mike Sloothaak.

The story of pi and intelligent design

I wish to congratulate House Speaker Brian Bosma and Indiana Republicans for pushing intelligent design in our state. This is a great act of Christian faith and responsibility.

But Indiana's Christians must challenge our representatives to even greater faith. 1 Kings 7:23 and 2 Chronicles 4:2 makes clear that what the Eastern liberal establishment, the American Civil Liberties Union and activist judges insist on calling "pi" is actually, simply 3. Do our Republicans in Indianapolis have the faith necessary to defy the liberals, embrace biblical truths and legislate that in Indiana "pi" will officially be equal to 3? Our great state will be blessed materially if we embrace that level of faith.

First, many technical calculations would be simplified, so science and engineering firms will flock to Indiana to do business, creating many new jobs. Second, our children will be spared the burden of memorizing a pagan Greek symbol in their mathematical formulas and can focus on other matters more fitting with the Christian values we so cherish.

God made ones, twos and threes, not pi, square roots and "e's." Even the mathematicians themselves doubt their own monstrous creations, or else why would they refer to the latter as irrational numbers?

Intelligent design is only the first step in a long journey to bring timeless biblical truths back to Indiana. Let's pray that a majority of our politicians are up to this task.

Mike Sloothaak
West Lafayette