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From Australian paper

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Religious storm over Aussie thunder stops the show
October 30, 2005
The Sun-Herald

Religious leaders in the mid-west American state of North Dakota have forced the cancellation of a show by Australia's Thunder from Down Under male dancers.

Jamestown Mayor Charlie Kourajian and councillors Dwaine Heinrich and John Grabinger voted on Friday to terminate the contract with the group. Two other councillors voted against the move.

The show had been scheduled for Thursday at the Jamestown Civic Centre and was booked about three months ago.

Thunder from Down Under spokeswoman Penny Levin said the decision was a shocking form of censorship, and the show was tasteful adult entertainment, tailored for various audiences.

"We're not a bunch of heathens roaming through," she said.

"No one is being forced to buy a ticket or see the show, but now people are being forced to not see the show."

Mr Grabinger said allowing the show to proceed would have upset the commercial sponsors of the venue where it was to be held.

"I talked to advertisers [who] made it clear that this was going to cost us more than if we cancel the contract," he said.

The Jamestown Ministerial Association petitioned the Civic Centre and Promotions Committee in protest against what pastors called a strip show.