Dark Christianity
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May 2008
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All righty, then...


I have no idea where our previous poster was coming from, but to be honest, her post had nothing to do with the purpose or point of this community. I thought about letting it ride, especially considering some of the excellent and measured replies it got, but ultimately, it had to go. Anime and reality do not tend to mix well, a lot like religion and government. People can believe what they want to, and I know that there are a wide variety of beliefs represented on this board, but we're not here to get into the finer threads of theology- other communities can handle that. We're here to shed critical and educational light on a previously shadowy sect of Christianity that is determined to hijack our government, overturn our constitution, and turn our democratic republic into a theocratic kingdom. Battling demons and cheerleading for Christ may be part of the discussion (which can get really entertaining), but it isn't the purpose of this community.

Bush is just the tip of the iceberg, and in the greater scheme of things, he is rather unimportant, except for his function as a figurehead for this sect to rally around. The real reigns and interconnections of power and influence lie out of sight in the murkier depths of this whole thing, and those depths, those interconnections, those actions are what we're here to examine. If you read the news, a lot of this is finally coming to light, and I'd like to think that communities like ours are providing the illumination.

Sorry about nipping a potentially fascinating discussion in the bud- but I hope that you understand my point of view.

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