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May 2008
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dogemperor [userpic]
Updates on the "Love In Action"/Refuge situation (because we can use SOME good news)

Been doing some followup on this story as well...Zach, unfortunately, got largely taken in, but his story may be earning a victory for OTHER kids at threat for committment there and in similar facilities.

http://www.isaccorp.org/loveinaction/love-in-action.09.19.05.html reports how the State of Tennessee has now ordered Love In Action to shut down the Refuge "de-gaying" center as it was handing out medication to mentally ill clients without a license. (Tennessee requires licensure for supportive care.)

Reportedly Peterson Toscano (a walkaway from Love In Action) has also verified the unlicensed handing out of drugs.

http://www.isaccorp.org/loveinaction/love-in-action.09.14.05.html is another article that gives the initial info on how the facility may be closed down (and also talks about the increased scrutiny Love In Action is facing--in part because of Zach's situation).

Needless to say, the dominionists running the joint are displeased and are contersuing the State of Tennessee:


(What's especially funny is that Love In Action flat out lies about its purpose. A quote:

"We are not changing homosexuals to heterosexuals," says LIA Director John Smid.

(Uhhh...that's what I thought the entire point of that whole "de-gaying"/"reparative" therapy WAS. So, are you or are you not running a "de-gaying" clinic?)

Needless to say, though, it looks like Refuge may well be shutting down. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Let's hope it's the first of MANY.