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May 2008
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dogemperor [userpic]
In a followup to articles on A-Beka et al...

It turns out that Reforming Schools has a full expose of an AoG church school receiving moneys under state voucher programs.

(Seeing as AoG religious schools commonly use the A-Beka curriculum--which I have reported on in a two-part series, and seeing as there is now a major push for the use of vouchers for Katrina evacuees, this is very relevant.)

Among other things, this particular school is:

a) only one of *eleven* schools interviewed that were even remotely willing to allow outside groups in that are receiving state money
b) per the article, requires sectarian religious tests for employees (even though they are receiving state dollars)
c) require kids (in violation of the state regulations) to attend religious indoctrination courses without an option of opting out
d) apparently thinks that "name it and claim it" *faith healing* is an appropriate response for injured kids on the playground (per the article: "Our faith is woven into everything we do. If a child falls down on the playground, we pray for him.")

This is part of a special report Rethinking Schools has done on voucher programs, in which the two articles mentioned in my reports on A-Beka originally appeared (and which were invaluable for some of my own research).