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May 2008
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Christian group to issue political 'gay list'


This Maine Press-Herald article talks about a Christian group who is bent on outing political officials. As David Letterman would say, "Kids, I'm not making this up."

AUGUSTA — The Christian Civic League of Maine is asking supporters for "tips, rumors, speculation and facts" about the sexual orientation of the state's political leaders so it can post the information on its Internet site.

The move, which follows the group's losing fight for a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, prompted outrage from critics, who accused the organization of trying to "out" gays and lesbians by violating their privacy. It also added fuel to a debate over gay marriage that is expected to be an issue in this fall's State House races and next year's legislative session.

Here's an excerpt from their 'Orientation Appeal':

A popular metaphor with the social left in recent decades is "coming out of the closet." It seems to have fallen out of use in recent years.

We are going to resurrect it, and see if we can help our friends in the State House. In this age of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" and "Sex in the City," it is only appropriate that all of us here in Maine understand the "sexual orientation" of our leaders. Since this matter of "sexual orientation" is of such fundamental importance that we must turn civilization on its head to accommodate it, we feel duty-bound to help you gain a better understanding.

We will therefore be writing about state leaders in coming months regarding their "sexual orientation." We are, of course, most interested in the leaders among us who want to overturn marriage, eliminate the mother/father family as the ideal, etc. The list is long, so we won't lack for material.

If you can help us, please do. E-mail us tips, rumors, speculation and facts. The more information we have the better. We will respect and honor confidentiality. Help the League stand for righteousness.

How about 'outrageousness', people? Maybe some of the members of the League itself will get 'outed'. That'll serve them right. What's next? Outing Pagan public officials?

By proposing to "out" public officials, Smith said, Heath lends credence to the comment last week by Gov. John Baldacci's spokesman, Lee Umphrey, that league members who attended a recent State House rally against same-sex marriage are "cuckoo clocks."

Umphrey has since said his comment was inappropriate. But he criticized the league again Tuesday.

"Christianity is about charity, kindness and respecting others," Umphrey said. "There is nothing moral about intolerance towards gay couples."

The league's plan also drew criticism from lawmakers in both major parties.

Rep. Scott Cowger, D-Hallowell, who is openly gay, said it is wrong for any organization to be "outing" people because it is up to officials to decide for themselves whether they want to reveal such information.

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