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May 2008
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dogemperor [userpic]
California nixes dominionist "cerification mills" for university students.

Much of the bleating so far about this has been in dominionist sources, and in a decidedly negative light, but something you all may be interested in (in light of the recent case of a kid kicked out of a Catholic school for having a lesbian mom):

Reportedly the University of California public university system has started implementing rigorous standards in requring minimum standards for high school education for those admitted to public universities in that state. Part of these standards include basic science education--including on the theory of evolution--and social studies.

The standards, as it turns out, disqualify students coming from dominionist schools (generally accredited by dominionist-run, dominionist-operated "accreditation mills") and in particular a large association used by dominionist schools called the Association of Christian Schools International. (Of note, the dominionist group I walked away from has its school accredited through this organisation--THIS should tell you of the quality of the "accreditation" through this group!)

It would also likely block dominionist homeschool programs, both because of extremely minimal standards (for those few dominionist homeschool programs that are accredited) and because some dominionist homeschool programs actually pride themselves on their lack of accreditation.

In fact, the two most common curricula used by dominionist groups--A Beka and Bob Jones University--are now specifically considered unacceptable in their science education--which pretty much knocks out *all* dominionist educational programs. (As I have reported previously on Dark Christianity, these particular school curricula are less "education" and more blatant indoctrination into dominionist theology of "Avengelicals Uber Alles".)

Needless to say, the dominionists are not happy about this (as pretty much the curriculum used in dominionist schools is now officially stated as insufficient).

So far, the gallery of rogues presently screaming like murdered chickens include:

American Family Association
Answers in Genesis (a group that promotes not only young-earth creationism but dominionist agendas in general)
ACSI itself (and if anyone doubts that ACSI is simily a dominionist "accreditation mill", one only need look at the statement of faith that member schools are required to sign, or their reasons for running aforementioned accreditation mill)
Al Mohler (aka the person who is almost *singlehandedly* responsible for converting the Southern Baptist Convention, and in particular its seminary, to dominionism; he *is* singlehandedly responsible for the destruction of the School of Social Work at the Southern Baptist Seminary in a purge of non-dominionists)
GOPUSA.com (which is in fact a site that isn't officially part of the GOP, *but* heavily promotes dominionist causes--if anyone ever wanted to deny the fact the *dominionists* think they've hijacked the GOP, point 'em there)
Crosswalk.com (a website that is affiliated with dominionist broadcasting network Salem Communications; more info on Salem Communications' dominionist connections available here, here, here, here, here, here, and here--and that's just for STARTERS)
Focus on the Family
We Care America (a group that is *yet another* front group associated with the Assemblies of God, as made rather obvious here and here--yes, the AoG has one metric tonne of front groups, and that reminds me, I need to update the Big List)
Faith News Network (a news outlet associated with the Church of God, a denomination with definite dominionist leanings)

Personally, let's hope OTHER states start getting standards as rigorous as California's.