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May 2008
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On-Campus Religion

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]jalendavi_lady)

Hi, first time poster here. I'm currently a member of a fairly fundie church (as in, the SBC just loves us all over), but can't stand half of what I hear there. At least things have gotten better since the temp. pastor left and took his severe misinterpretations with him (You don't tell a church where half the needs list is job-searching by devoted supporters of the church, with the vast majority of the church's jobless too believing in self-sufficiency to put themselves on the list, that those not currently walking on sunshine and swimming in money are unsaved and going to Hell. You just don't).

A friend just gave me the heads-up on an article that appeared in the UGA student newspaper today: Preachers' Message Isn't Christ's.

It appears it is not only now okay to bother everyone in the vicinity with bullhorn-aided yelling, but to offer more personal attention to those you think are "Hellbound" than to those appearing to seek not being "Hellbound".

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