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May 2008
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On one of the major groups being promoted...

One of the groups that is now being specifically mentioned (including in Bush's speech last night) is the Heritage Foundation. They pass themselves off as a "conservative think tank" but are linked with multiple dominionist/Avengelical groups, including a secretive group called the Council for National Policy:


For those who actually *want* to see their plans for NOLA, they have them posted at http://www.heritage.org/Research/GovernmentReform/sr05.cfm

Here's the summary, courtesy of a poster at [info]after_katrina:

1. Waiver on environmental rules
2. Eliminaton of capital gains tax
3. Private ownership of public schools
4. The heirs of any victim worth more than $1.5 million should be exempt from the estate tax.

(This is part of a dominionist platform, as an aside; the "waiver on environmental rules" is supported by dominionist because they either see environmental destruction as something that will make Jesus come back faster, or (in the case of those dominionists into "spiritual warfare/deliverance ministry" type stuff) they actually see environmentalism as a form of devil worship. Dominionists also support destruction of public school systems in the hope that children will be forced to turn to sectarian means to be educated (including dominionist-run homeschooling and dominionist-run private schools; it is ALREADY difficult to find support for homeschooling that is not controlled by dominionists)).

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