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The Ungrateful One Percent


Today's AlterNet has an interesting article about the American Family Association's hurricane relief efforts:

The American Family Association, an anti-gay anti-reproductive rights organization, wants to help hurricane victims, as long as the victims are church-goers who will be appropriately grateful.

The American Family Association sent out a plea to churches today to house hurricane victims, however the plea was accompanied by a warning:

"If your church would be willing to adopt a family, please fill out the form and email it back to us. We in turn will contact a family needing shelter and have them get in contact with you directly. You can interview them to see if their needs and your facilities are compatible and to secure references such as their previous local church and pastor. We suggest that you screen the family carefully. While 99% of these people will be very appreciative, there is always that 1% who can create problems."[italics in original]

Well, isn't that nice of them to warn us off the ungrateful bastards. I especially dislike the part about families securing a "reference" from their previous local church and pastor. God forbid the family didn't go to church or that their previous church and pastor are unable to give a reference at the moment, being probably more than a little occupied with their own survival and that of the thousands of displaced people around them.

The American Family Association bills itself as "America's Largest Pro-family Online Action site" but its pretty clear in times of national tragedy that non-church going families and other ingrates aren't included in the ranks.

Rachel Neumann is Rights & Liberties Editor at AlterNet.

Anyone wanting a sneak preview of how faith-based groups will make life miserable for those of the 'wrong' faith merely have to monitor AFA.

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