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Too much time on their hands?


It was bound to happen: Janet Jackson's 'wardrobe malfunction' has gotten the attention of the born-again Satanic cult conspiratists. It would be hilarious if it weren't so sad, and they weren't grasping at straws.

Satan Busters

The following is typical of the misinformation and smearing that such people perpetuate in their desire to find the devil under every stone:

Super Bowl Sunday, February 1st, was also the traditional Pagan/Satanic holiday of Candlemass or Imboloc. The rites traditionally called for young women to parade around town naked invoking the spirit of Pagan saint Brighid or Brigit (pronounced BREE) in an effort to bring on lactation in farm animals. Brigit was also revered as the goddess of spring and represented by the sun. A close examination of the footage shows a bare breasted Janet Jackson with a strange sun ornament piercing her nipple, both clear references to this Satanic Occult ceremony. The public outcry seems to have largely missed the point. This act was not just about SEX, it was about SATANISM.

First of all, Imbolc (they misspelled it, of course) is a Celtic holiday, not a general purpose Pagan or "Satanic" holiday and is celebrated on February 2nd, and is a Christian holiday, too. Candlemas is the Christian name for it- it was when candles for the churches were blessed. (But to some of these guys, Catholics are Satanic, too...) We all know that naked people- especially women- are automatically 'Satanic' no matter what they're doing, but I doubt that anyone in their right minds would be parading around naked in early February in those northern climes. While Brigit was a Solar goddess, her symbol was a lot different from a solar symbol, and it shows the lack of in-depth scholarship on the part of the writers that they didn't come upon the ancient swastika symbol (which used to represent the sun and good luck) which actually was her symbol. Then they could have combined Nazis with Satanism and stupid antics at overblown sports events. Oh, well.

Instead, they run off on a whacked tangent, associating various stars and Masonic compass roses in public buildings with Satanism, and finding them everywhere. I guess that being a "Satan Buster" means that you have to avoid learning anything about architecture or the design of public buildings, ancient holidays, or sun symbols.



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