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May 2008
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On relation to dominionists, or "didn't we see this shite a good ten years or more ago?"

Eric Rudolph has been sentenced to multiple life imprisonment terms (see your favourite national news source for details)--reportedly he was apologetic re the Olympic bombing but showed *no remorse whatsoever* in regards to the targeting of the women's clinic or gay nightclub he blew up...

It's also to this day widely suspected that a network of dominionists and other sympathisers actively helped Eric Rudolph hide out from the government for years. (It would, sadly, not shock me--I heard people in the church I walked away from, and even my own family, express praise for Rudolph in regards to the attacks on abortion clinics and that it was "cool he was able to hide out in the mountains, I hope they DON'T catch him"... :P)

Anyways, whilst looking for resources in regards to another post involving dominionist threats in a mental health clinic (which serves multiple populations, including gay/les/bi/trans folks and drug addicts, which are *at best* considered demon-possessed by a large number of dominionists if not actively in worship of Beelzebub) I found the following bits...including some *extremely* interesting, and all too sadly (in hindsight) relevant, info on Chuck Colson:

Chuck Colson, for those who aren't aware, is someone with a long and extensive history of involvement in the dominionist movement; he actually was one of the major Watergate conspirators and in fact was pretty much the major person behind the "dirty tricks" thereof.

He claimed to have had a religious conversion in prison, and now essentially does "dirty work" for dominionists, including both spreading dominionism in prisons and trying to push "faith based initiatives" *in* prisons (including early parole or probation for those who enroll in "faith based" programs). He's also been one of the major forces in attempts to spread dominionism to Catholics as well as a major cheerleader for "Christian Zionism".

He's also associated with the DeMoss Group, which is in turn another name for the Arthur S DeMoss Foundation, a group that has specialised in stealth evangelism (including, at points, having NFL stars and NASCAR racer Jeff Gordon promoting publications); the "prison ministry" group he operates is hosted by them on the web. Arthur S DeMoss Foundation aka DeMoss Group also has funded explicitly Christian Reconstructionist groups such as the Plymouth Rock Foundation (which at least at one time was funded by profits from Ocean Spray cranberry products and still might be--for those of you watching whom to boycott for supporting dominionist causes).

More backgrounder info:
http://www.tylwythteg.com/enemies/LaHaye/general.htm (in his associates with premillenarian dominionist rapturists the LaHayes)

I mention all of that as backgrounder, and Eric Rudolph's years of misadventure, because of this:

Specifically a book he wrote, and which is reviewed in the two links below:


This is a book that is promoted as "Christian Fiction", hailed by groups into stealth evangelism--and is reminiscent of a different book aimed at a particular community...

...namely "The Turner Diaries", a book popular in the militia/"Christian Identity" and racialist groups in the US and which was reportedly inspiration for both the Oklahoma City bombings and Eric Rudolph's reign of terror. (For those who aren't aware, "The Turner Diaries" was a racialist fiction novel depicting a race war breaking out in the US. One of the first acts in the book was a bombing similar to what occured in Oklahoma City.)

One of the more disturbing elements of "Gideon's Torch" is that the abortion clinic (which is bombed) depicted in the book (which depicts a dominionist takeover of the US)...is based on and is virtually identical to the only facility offering abortion services in North Dakota. (Similar enough that it could be used as a manual on how to attack the place, in fact.)

And yes, much as the racialists were inspired by "The Turner Diaries", violent elements in the dominionist movement are being inspired: the Army of God's website actually lists quotes from the book as something to be admired.

Again, for those who aren't aware, the "Army of God" is a dominionist-affiliated group that could rightfully be called a domestic terrorist organisation. They have published guides on how to commit bombings of abortion clinics and gay clubs--and, to bring this thread full circle--Eric Rudolph has been supported by the "Army of God" via their various websites--which have contained, among others, an actual hitlist (called the Nuremberg Files) of people who are scheduled to be executed upon a dominionist takeover of the country for even being relatedto abortion providers (and it should be noted that the hitlist has been used by dominionist murderers along with other "Army of God" material (yes, the link there includes links to the "Army of God" terrorist manual) to kill doctors).

The sick and scary thing on reading this...I've seen this sort of thing going on for the better part of twenty or twenty-five years now (the whole "army of god"/"stop the baby-killers"/"bombing of clinics is a GOOD THING" sort of crap) actually promoted in the dominionist community to their own members, and I also remember (re the Oklahoma City/Eric Rudolph mess) militia groups promoting the "Turner Diaries" *years* before the Oklahoma City bombings...I remember seeing it so much, in fact, that in 1995 (upon hearing of it) I turned to my father and stated "It's not Muslims, I am willing to bet that they end up finding out it's some neo-Nazi or militia group". Same thing in 1996, I remember turning and saying "it's domestic, it's some militia asshat, I'm willing to bet"...I even remember warning a friend of mine (who is an Athens, GA cop and would be working security at the Olympics that year) to be extra careful because I felt any terrorism that would happen would be domestic...

...I get the same sick feeling here that I did in 1995 and 1996, that something very bad could brew from this. And, sadly, unlike in 1995 or 1996...we have their sympathisers in the government. (Even antiracist groups have noticed: Southern Poverty Law Center in particular has reported on the fact that, unlike in the Clinton administration, almost no action is being done regarding rightwing domestic terrorists...probably because of known links between dominionists and racialist groups (FRC head being associated with multiple racialist groups, Roy Moore speaking to "white citizen's councils", et al) and because some of the rightwing terrorist groups are actively funded by dominionists...completely aside from "christian militias" and abortion-clinic-bombers :P)

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