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dogemperor [userpic]
Volunteering Opportunity - NOT!!! (x-posted from my LJ)


Kel and I had a wonderful time in October at Glorieta for the Emergent Village conference. This group is very liberal, all-inclusive, and some of the conversations we engaged in were "Zen and Christianity", had to do with meditation, I did a massage and ministry class, it is an amazing group that meets every year, most of the members are writers and many are published authors.

While we were at the beautiful retreat center, Glorieta, I met several people who volunteer there every year - they come for 10 weeks - and put in 30 hours of volunteer work a week in exchange for a place to stay and 3 meals a day in the dining hall. It sounded like a wonderful opportunity to both of us - and so I investigated it a little bit more.

I was horrified to find some very rigid "lifestyle" requirements on the website - and no, we will not be going there again, and yes, I am inquiring into some aspects of it with their Human Resources department and I may take it further.

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