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"Joel's Army" in Eastern Europe--and a wave of anti-LGBT hatecrimes

(Note: This article now mirrored on DailyKos. Recs appreciated.)

I have touched before on the major role that Russia and Iran play in "Joel's Army" end-time theology--and whilst this is very important, I'm actually going to focus on a rather different way "Joel's Army" has targeted the former USSR...and the bloody fruit it is bearing in the US as well as in many of the countries formerly part of the USSR.

Namely, it seems neopentecostal dominionism--of a particular Russian and Latvian variety that was the fruit of the world's first steeplejack and which has been lovingly fed by the most extreme anti-LGBT troopers of "Joel's Army"--is a major motivating force behind a wave of hate crimes targeting LGBT people both here and abroad.

It was Jesus himself who noted "By their fruits ye shall know them"...and in this post, I document how an "orchard" was planted by American dominionist groups to produce bitter fruit indeed, both here in the US and abroad.

'Watchers on the Walls', the beating death of a gay man, throwing <i>poop</i> at Pride parades, the strange history of Assemblies steeplejacking in Russia and Latvia, and neopentecostal historical revisionism )
Tomorrow--the crowd of American dominionists supporting "Watchers on the Walls"--including, notably, a major Assemblies of God leader who has called for the denaturalisation of all non-dominionists in the US.

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Reich Under Your Nose

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]navytron89) From [info]jblaque who put together this story.  But wait there's more at the bottom from me...

(Hat-tip Steven Benen)

Less than a week ago, the World Health Organization released one of the most comprehensive studies to date on reproductive health. Its conclusions were not surprising — the only effective way to reduce unwanted pregnancies and abortions is to make contraception widely available.

Five days later, the White House has responded to this reality by naming an opponent of birth control to head the federal government’s family planning office.
The Department of Health and Human Services appointed Susan Orr — who has spoken out against contraception — to a post responsible for U.S. contraception programs.

Orr, who will be acting deputy assistant secretary for population affairs, has been directing child welfare programs in another branch of HHS. Prior to joining the Bush administration, Orr was senior director for marriage and family at the Family Research Council, a conservative group that favors abstinence-only education and opposes federal money for contraception.

Orr will replace Eric Keroack, a doctor who believes the distribution of contraceptives is “demeaning to women,” and who had a history of saying truly nutty things, such as the belief that condoms “offer virtually no protection” against herpes or HPV.

Yeah, I know, we’re talking about the Bush administration. When looking for someone to head up family-planning programs, loyal Bushies aren’t going to put Joycelyn Elders’ resume at the top of the list. I get that. But this is ridiculous. It’s as if the these people are trying to find the most offensive choices possible for public-health posts.

P.S. And they call us sluts...

Okay, here's where I jump in with a follow-up about Dr. Susan Orr and where she gets her creditenials from:  Its seems she got her PhD. from Claremont Graduate University. This is a possible Fundie University on the same level as Regent University. Their affllates read like a who's who of  Fundie/Dominionist  colleges and schools. 

Additionally she's been supported by the Heartland Institute, who while seeming to be a benign group also have been recently viewed with alot of quiries do to their supporters being people like the Concerned Women for America and Pure Life Ministries. Which of course links back to the whole hypocrisy of the religious right meddling in reproductive and sexual rights of others.

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The New Face of Christian Legal Education

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Regent Law, the Christian law school founded by Pat Robertson, is moving forward with disciplinary action against student Adam Key (left, showing off his "Due Process" tattoo). Key ran afoul of school authorities after posting on his Facebook page a video of Robertson scratching his forehead with his middle finger. Regent has banned Key from campus and is forcing him to undergo a psychiatric exam by a doctor of the school's choosing.

The whole episode reflects the Religious Right's utter lack of a sense of humor. Key talked to Above the Law blogger David Lat yesterday about his recent suspension and his background (which includes a stint as a pro wrestler). Here's what Key had to say about Robertson and his pending psych exam:

"I will undergo this psychiatric exam after Regent forces Pat Robertson to undergo one. Truly, what's crazier... disagreeing with the administration, or hearing voices that tell you about hurricanes that don't happen, and the impending apocalypse?"

Clearly they're never going to let this kid loose on campus again... 

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"Joel's Army" in Eastern Europe, hatecrimes--and their American supporters

(Note: This material will be mirrored on Talk to Action later tonight/tomorrow, and DailyKos tomorrow. Recs appreciated.)

In yesterday's post on DailyKos, I noted how the group "Watchmen on the Walls"--a neopentecostal dominionist group promoted in ex-USSR countries that promotes literal Holocaust revisionism and has become infamous for such acts as literally throwing feces at protesters and kicking a gay Fijian national to death--is in fact essentially an especially violent "Joel's Army" group, spawned from the Assemblies of God's first attempt at "steeplejacking" of a church.

Today, we don our Internet hip-waders as we explore the actual website of "Watchers On The Walls"--with the help of a bit of the modern miracle that is Google Language Tools--and also go in-depth into supporters of "Watchmen On The Walls" who will be attending a conference in Lakewood, WA less than a day from this posting. Some of the supporters include the Assemblies on an official level...and, disturbingly, possibly elements of the Bush administration as well.

Watchmen On The Walls exposed, more Assemblies linkage, linkage to the POTUS, and the possible beginnings of dominionist political parties in Latvia--and a deadly feedback loop of 'Joel's Army' extremism )

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