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Impolite Dinner Conversation - Exclusive Brethren (update)

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Four Corners, an excellent Australian current-affairs program, aired a show on the Exclusive Brethren last night. I've updated my last article on them - you can find it here at my journal.

A little bit more's come out about their possible Dominionist leanings. They definitely believe in a version of the Rapture story, and they appear to be hammering the "UN is Evil" angle. Still not definitive, but suspicious.

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Now we have more nuttery from the Russian Orthodox community

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Toy Monkey Impaled and Buried in Anti-Darwin Protest


"Let our distinguished academics see how Orthodox people treat their pseudo-theories"


Interfax-Religion reports on the most bizarre anti-Darwinian protest yet, from the Union of the Orthodox Banner-Bearers and the Union of Orthodox Brotherhood in Russia. Apparently the pious members bought a toy monkey, which they then set upon:


The banner-bearers drove the stake in the monkey’s chest. As Leonid Simonovich-Nikshich, the head of the union, explained to onlookers, "it is exactly how satanic cults were punished in old times".


Then the banner-bearers carried the monkey’s coffin on their shoulders behind Sts Cyril and Methodius’s monument, promising to bury it some place outside the city. "Let our distinguished academics see how Orthodox people treat their pseudo-theories", Simonovich-Nikshich said.


Another bunch of Religious nuts making noise about nothing.... Is it me?  Or does it seem like religious wack jobs seem to be crawling out of the woodwork alot more, than say 10 years ago? 

These people are also tied to the Watchmen on the Walls (and seem to be another Dominionist group that has sprung out of the former Soviet Republic). Its seems that alot more crazies have been released into the general population in Russia as of late and with alot of hate crimes and religious zealotry, sometimes makes me wish for the days of the "Cold War" and Soviet Communism that kept the religious crazies in check over there.

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